Sky Lounge Wheel

The hi-tech giant among the mobile big wheels — the Sky Lounge Wheel (Expo Star) gained worldwide fame through the Expo 2000 in Hannover.

With its striking silhouette, the hi-tech design of the Ferris wheel shapes the skyline of every event. The opulent lighting is provided by 1,200 metres of neon tubes and approx. 50,000 lighting points, mainly in energy-efficient LED technology.

The 40 fully enclosed and safety glazed gondolas are very spacious and offer comfortable space for up to 8 people. The state-of-the-art drive system with eight frequency-controlled geared motors gives the ride in the Sky Lounge Wheel an incomparable smoothness: the passengers have the feeling of floating.

Bruch Riesenrad Skylounge Gondel
Bruch Riesenrad Skylounge Neon

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  • Front (Width): 27 m
  • Depth: 22 m
  • Total amount: 58 m
  • Connection value: 300 KW
  • Total weight: 400 t
  • Gondolas: 40

Riesenrad Zeichnung

IM TECHNO LOOK: The giant among the great

With a total weight of 400 tons, the Sky Lounge Wheel is the heavyweight of our ferris wheel trio. With a total height of 58 meters, it also towers three meters above its “siblings”.

As an “Expo-Star” in clear Hi-Tec design, this Ferris wheel attraction crowned the World Exposition 2000 in Hanover. Renamed the Sky Lounge Wheel, it is the star at numerous events and festivals in Europe

Bruch Riesenrad Metz