The youngest member of the Oscar Bruch Jr. Ferris wheel family — das 55 m hohe mobile Sichtrad.

The radiant white painting of the wheel in contrast to the blue gondolas with slightly tinted windows form its unique and particularly beautiful appearance.

The 42 gondolas of the Wheel of Vision are extremely comfortable and fully air-conditioned. The fully enclosed gondola design gives our passengers a maximum feeling of safety and allows them to enjoy the ride without any worries.

Bruch Riesenrad Skylounge Neon

BREAKFAST, BIRTHDAY, VESPER IN THE SKY — We turn the special into the unforgettable

We use the Wheel of Vision mainly as an event Ferris wheel. Depending on the event we offer exclusive rides including theme catering. Including breakfast over the Rhine, exclusive ride incl., VIP gondola, and much more.

If required, two large LED video screens are available in the exit area, on which corporate and event films as well as computer-supported animations can be shown.

Burgplatz, Düsseldorf
vom 22 Oct 2021 bis 09 Jan 2022

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Burgplatz, Düsseldorf
vom 22 Oct 2021 bis 09 Jan 2022

BREAKFAST OVER THE ROOFS OF DÜSSELDORFEnjoy over 1 hour driving time and breakfast with a fantastic view.

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  • Front (Width): 26 m
  • Depth: 21 m
  • Total amount: 55 m
  • Connection value: 170 KW
  • Total weight: 350 t
  • Gondolas: 42

Much light, little energy – Have fun!

Wherever possible, we use green electricity for propulsion and lighting.

In normal turning operation, a maximum of 4 KW power is “called up” by the four drive motors to keep the 120 tonne wheel in motion.

Around 1000 meters of LED tubes, mounted on the wheel rim, the gondolas and the roof of the checkout area, illuminate the Wheel of Vision. Together with the headlights, the consumption is around 20 KW.