Bruch Riesenrad Bellevue Kramermarkt

Seeing the world with different eyes — since 1994, the Bellevue Giant Ferris Wheel has been one of the permanent fixtures of German and European folk festivals and events.

It captivates with its extraordinary detailed and multi-faceted art nouveau design and thus becomes a magnet and meeting point at every event. At night, the Bellevue Ferris Wheel shines with itsimpressive illumination using modern and energy-efficient LED technology.

The 42 gondolas offer space for up to six passengers each. Due to the closed gondola design, the Bellevue Ferris Wheel is also suitable forseniors and families with small children. The Bellevue Giant Ferris Wheel rewards its passengers with afantastic view over the roofs of your city.

Bruch Riesenrad Skylounge Neon
  • Front (Width): 26 m
  • Depth: 20,50 m
  • Total amount: 55 m
  • Connection value: 170 KW
  • Total weight: 350 t
  • Gondolas: 42

Beautiful views and beautiful to look at – EYE CANDY

Fairground architects love the Bellevue Ferris wheel especially for its appearance. “It’s probably the most photographed ride at the Cranger Kirmes,” enthuse the makers of the largest public festival in the Ruhr area.

“Schöne Aussicht” means “Bellevue” in German. You can indeed have a nice view from a height of 55 meters, but the Bellevue is also nice to look at. This is mainly due to the colorful decorative painting in French Art Nouveau, but also to the pleasing illumination of the wheel by about 50,000 lights.

All in all: eye candy