French Village

Savoir Vivre and Laisser Faire. The French Village brings Parisian charm to public festivals, the Christmas market and company events.

The French Village brings the charm of Paris to you. Lovingly manufactured down to the smallest detail, the scenery parts invite you to experience Paris anew. Discover the small wine bar on the corner, the market place with the music pavilion, the small baguette shop, the neat flower arrangements, comfortable benches for dreaming and much, much more.

The eye-catcher is the 15-metre high Eiffel Tower, around which ten individually designed houses are grouped. A varied range of typical local gastronomy, 700 m2 of open space with numerous seating arrangements and the stage for music and show acts make the village a meeting place for all those who want to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere.

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vom 17 Oct 2020 bis 10 Jan 2021

Christmas village under the ferris wheelMany delicacies are available at Burgplatz, Düsseldorf Old Town

  • Exemplary structure

Variable village architecture: one location of many possibilities

20 stand locations

Ensemble of ten individually designed little houses

15 meter high Eiffel Tower

Many seats on 700 m2 open space

Marquee with table reservation

Bistro seating and rustic beer sets

Daily music and entertainment programme on a central stage