Since 1848

we deliver emotion. Europe-wide.

In our company tradition and technology, complex logistics and sophisticated planning come together. All for one goal: to give people pleasure.

From the very beginning (i.e. since 1848) our business has been to bring pleasure to people

The technical possibilities have grown steadily since then, as have the logistical challenges. From the tradition of seven generations we have gathered the experience and skills that enable us to provide a product that is hardly noticeable in the factory, how much effort and care it has taken

This is exactly our goal: Our guests and customers should experience carefree pleasure. If we succeed in doing this again and again, we have done a good job. Since 1848.

Bruch Riesenrad Skylounge Neon
  • 1848
  • 1896
  • 1900
  • 1960
  • 1994
  • 2000
  • 2012
  • Start-up 1848 – The success story of our company began with a self-built carousel

    In the middle of the 19th century the tailor and “Carousselführer” August Ludwig Franz Bruch asked his brother, a wagonsmith, to build him a carousel. The early start-up laid the foundation for a “showman dynasty” that is unparalleled in Germany.

    Since 1848, the members of the Bruch family have been travelling from one folk festival to the next to delight the public with their attractions

  • Set in motion by manual operation: THE FIRST GIANT WHEEL OF THE FAMILY

    August’s third son Emil founded another tradition in the Bruch family. In 1896 he bought a Ferris wheel, then called a Russian swing, with manual operation and carbide lamps – by the way, one year before the probably most famous wheel of the world was built in the Prater of Vienna in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the throne of Emperor Franz Josef I.

    With a height of twelve metres and ten gondolas, the first of the Bruchs already fascinated visitors back then.

  • Muscle power was required: MUCH SWEAT FLOWED FOR THE PEOPLE'S PLEASURE

    But the pleasure of the guests to watch the folk festival from above meant hard work for the showmen, because without electric help a lot of muscle power was needed for the drive

    From 1900 an evaporator diesel engine was used until years later the electrical system was introduced.

  • Growth story.

    In the course of time the dimensions grew.

    In 1960, William Bruch developed his first transportable steel giant wheel with 16 gondolas and a height of 20 metres.

    Together with his nephew Oscar, he consistently and continuously expanded the Ferris wheel business since the 1990s and later handed it over completely into the hands of Oscar Bruch jr.

  • CLASSY HIGH: The Bellevue - the mother of the new big wheel family

    Since 1994, the “Bellevue” giant wheel has been turning at a height of well over 50 metres.

    It rewards its guests in the 42 gondolas with a fantastic view over the respective city and of course the folk festival. The thoughtful ride at an impressive altitude becomes an unforgettable experience.

    Designed in Art Nouveau, it pays homage to the Bruch family’s tradition of the Ferris wheel.

  • Plenty of light and modern technology – EXPO 2000 STILL SHINES TODAY

    With the Sky Lounge Wheel/Expo Star, the company Oscar Bruch jr. prepares for the future. The Giant Ferris Wheel, world-famous due to the Expo 2000 in Hannover, shines with its state-of-the-art technical equipment. In addition to the opulent lighting with 1200 metres of neon and approx. 50 000 lighting points, the frequency-controlled gear motors are among the most modern and comfortable drives. In the fully enclosed and safety glazed gondolas, the passengers of the Sky Lounge Wheel truly have the feeling of floating.

  • THE WHEEL OF VISION completes the ferris wheel trio

    The youngest member of Oscar Bruch’s Ferris wheel trio is the Wheel of Vision, which shines not only with special light effects.

    For weeks and months, the “Wheel of Vision” increases the attractiveness of the metropolises and their inner cities, not only visually, and shapes the city skylines for a limited period of time with new attractive perspectives.

    Whether in Lyon, Düsseldorf or Dresden, whether in Gdansk, Budapest or Metz, the 55-metre high attraction is always perceived as an extraordinary enrichment of the urban flair of its venues.

EVENT & TOURIST ATTRACTIONS Always a well-rounded affair — Which Ferris wheel suits my event best

Wheel of Vision

The 55 meter high Wheel of Vision is the youngest member of the Oscar Bruch jr. Ferris wheel family. The wheel’s brilliant white paint in contrast to the blue gondolas with slightly tinted windows form its unique and particularly beautiful appearance.

The 42 gondolas of the Wheel of Vision are extremely comfortable and fully air-conditioned.

Wheel of Vision

Sky Lounge

With its striking silhouette, the Ferris wheel in Hi-Tec design dominates the skyline of every event. 1,200 metres of neon tubes and around 50,000 lighting points, mainly in energy-efficient LED technology, provide opulent lighting.

The 40 spacious, fully enclosed and safety glazed gondolas offer comfortable space for up to 8 people.

Sky Lounge
Bruch Riesenrad Bellevue Kramermarkt


The Bellevue captivates with its detailed and multi-faceted art nouveau design. At night, the Bellevue Ferris wheel shines with its impressive lighting thanks to modern and energy-efficient LED technology.

Each of the 42 gondolas can accommodate up to six passengers. Due to the closed gondola design, the Bellevue Ferris Wheel is also suitable for seniors and families with small children.