The winter world lures you onto the ice - and thaws hearts. For big and small ice skating fans, for beginners and experts. An unforgettable experience in the pre-Christmas period and into the new year.

On the famous Königsallee: a total of 1700 square metres of ice surface for sporting fun and social enjoyment. Ice skating to lively music under the dome of lights. Up to 700 runners can go on the ice at the same time.

Curling on four lanes in small and large groups, ideal for private parties or company events. In addition, eight sales and catering stands directly at the ice rink for the small thirst in between or against the big hunger.

Bruch Riesenrad Skylounge Neon

THE WINTER WORLD IS MORE THAN JUST ICE. Discover the diversity and programs at facebook/events

Düsseldorf, Königsallee
from 11 Nov 2022 to 15 Jan 2023

Winterworld/Kö on IceIce skating fun for young and old. Soon again in the heart of the city on the KÖ.

Our ice age has many facets

Two large LED walls next to the ice rink make it possible to show films and sports as well as advertising and promotion contributions.

For the ice rink, 120,000 litres of water are frozen – with that you could fill 7700 bathtubs.

More than 5000 LED lamps illuminate the light dome above the bowl fountain, which stands in the middle of the ice rink. Aluminium pipelines of more than 12 km length are required for icing.

We have 700 pairs of skates for rent – up to shoe size 50.

The adjoining Füchschen-Alm, a restaurant with a hearty hut flair, and the accompanying terrace can accommodate 250 guests.